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What's Next?

The first step is scheduling a meeting with Mr. Romero and his team for an initial consultation.  You may call our office; fill out the Contact Form, or send us an email.  Hospital visits or In-Home visits for the severely injured are a part of what we do.


There is never a fee for this consultation.


Raul Romero will meet with you to hear your story.  He needs to understand: what happened; who was involved; and what damage or disability has resulted. He will gather from you the facts of your case.  It is helpful if you bring as much information and pertinent documents with you to this meeting.


After meeting with you, Mr. Romero and the team will assess the information you provide.  Sometimes, Mr. Romero seeks the opinions of experts to help determine if the case can be successful. Mr. Romero will only accept cases he believes can be successful.


Frequently, the most challenging duty for a plaintiff's attorney is the evaluation of prospective cases.  Raul Romero and his team will take great care to fully evaluate your case before we determine if you have a case.  Every case is unique and determining if your claim is valid depends upon the specific facts of your particular case as well as the applicable law.

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